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Onsite Computer Repairs and Support

Direct I.T Services provides professional PC repairs and services at your premises. Specialising in fixing general PC errors, locked-up, dead or slow PC's, networking, websites, web application solutions and computer hardware/software troubleshooting for home and small business users. We also specialise in data retrieval and transfer off old dead PC's for safe recycling or disposal.

How Can Direct I.T Help ?

Some example issues and services we deal with are,
  • Windows Error Messages
  • Data Retrieve & Transfer
  • Virus removal & Ransomware Clean-up
  • Hard Drive Fail Warnings
  • Supply & Setup New PC's
  • PC Graphics, RAM & Hard Drive Upgrades
  • LAN WLAN or USB Printer Connections
  • Hardware Error Troubleshooting
  • PC Backup, Reformat & OS Install
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) Solutions
  • VDSL NBN Modem and Network Setup
  • WLAN/LAN Networking Switch/Router Setup
  • Software Package Troubleshooting
  • Office 365 Install & Outlook Email Setup
Direct I.T can also help with general I.T questions and advice anything from new hardware or complete new system supply and setup, laptop recommendations and ISP plans.

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